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Taeggie Feed

How it works?

  1. Combine Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sources to create a feed.
  2. Display the feed on website, mobile app or event screen.
  3. Monitor and moderate feed content, picking highlights from user generated content.

Demo Feed

theme used: try switching!
This demo feed contains:
 ikeasuomi  ikeasuomi # ikeasuomi  IKEASuomi
Example:  ikeasuomi
# ikeasuomi

Why choose Taeggie Feed?

  • Easy 10 minute install with just one line of code.
  • Compatible with all web pages, easily adaptable to any size or shape.
  • Sources and contents can be easily modified without special skills.
  • No code updates after install - managed service that just keeps working.


Solo Small Business
9 € / month 29 € / month 59 € / month
One simple feed Ideal for small businesses Ideal for bigger companies
1 feed
3 sources
1 hour updates
no reports
email support
4 feeds
20 sources
10 minute updates
weekly reports
phone support
10 feeds
50 sources
5 minute updates
weekly reports
priority support
All of our plans include moderation features and require no branding.
Want a custom/enterprise plan? Please contact us for a quote!



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